Similar to the SATs, you can now pick between scores if you take a SAT Subject Test more than once.
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  • Since its founding in 1986, Elite Academy has successfully prepared students for Statewide English & Math tests, the Hunter College High School admission test, Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT), and PSAT/SAT.
  • Elementary school students significantly improve their math skills, gain confidence in reading and writing, earn higher grades at school, and score better on NY Statewide English & Math tests.
  • Every year, our students receive acceptance into Hunter High School, their top choice for Specialized High School, prestigious high schools such as Townsend Harris, and Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, University of Chicago, and John Hopkins.
  • We are proud of the role that our rigorous curriculum and hard-working teachers play in our students' academic accomplishments.




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