The 2017 Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) was held on October 21, 22 for all 8th graders and October 29th / November 4th for all 9th graders. Results were released March 2018.
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I've 17261 245355552730_6288249_nlearned so much in math and I also feel well prepared for the upcoming SHSAT.

- David Yang


I liked being able to learn and have fun at the same time.  Elite Academy helped me because I was able to see the format of the test before taking the real test.

- Linda Pak


I like the practice SHSAT tests and the classes.  The classes at Elite Academy helped me improve my English and Math skills and helped me to understand English and Math better than I did before.
- Bairavi Maheswaran


I like Elite Academy because it allows me to get ahead of my class in school.  Elite Academy helped improve my grades in school and prepared me for the SHSAT.

- Janet Lam

Elite Academy helped me prepare well by the mock exams which gave me the feel of how the test would be like and later teaching me the questions which I had trouble with.  I would refer Elite Academy to my friends because it would teach my friends and then they could get into great schools and we could all be together!!

- Shaalini Ganesalingam


I like the fact that Elite Academy helps to improve my academic studies.  I would refer Elite Academy because it really succeeds in helping their students improve.

- Agnes Shin


I like the teachers whom I've learned a lot from.  I enjoy learning in this type of environment with friends.  Elite Academy gives a lot of homework, but at least there is a homework room to do it in.  Elite has helped me understand many different types of math problems for the SHSAT.  Also it has taught me many strategies for reading passages that I will apply on the SHSAT.  I would student voicesrefer Elite Academy to my friends as it has really helped me.  The proctors were good at explaining problems I didn't understand and so were the teachers.  It has helped me learn a lot.

- Nikita Rau


The thing I like most about Elite Academy is being able to work with other people and friends on things.  I feel that Elite greatly improve my English scores.  I think it was the SHSAT prep classes that boosted my scores.

- Josef Omar


I feel I am more prepared for the SHSATs because of the weekly tests we took on Fridays.  I like the comfortable community at Elite Academy and the AC!

- David Ahn


I learned a lot from both the math and English classes even though I was initially stronger in math.  Elite Academy helped me most for the upcoming SHSAT and the integrated algebra regents.  I also learned how to do scrambled paragraphs.  I would refer Elite Academy to my friends as it is somewhat fun.  It is a place where you can work hard and become smarter.

- Sajan Sivagnanam

The thing I liked most about Elite Academy was that the teachers and proctors had an actual interest in helping the students in addition to having fun with the students.  It helped me to prepare for the SHSATs -- I had trouble in math and we went over that as well in class.  I would refer Elite Academy to my friends as I think it's the perfect balance of learning -- like school -- but it also is a lot of fun.

- Athira Sivan


student voices 2All the teachers and staff have been amazing the whole way.  I learned a lot during Elite Academy -- I liked every part of it and it allowed me to improve on all my skills.  I would refer Elite Academy to my friends because they could excel in school and have a brighter future.

- Abiramy Logeswaran


I like that I've learned many skills and different methods in which to answer a question.  I improved more in my math in preparation for the SHSAT.  I would refer Elite Academy to my friends because it does help you.

- Candace Mohammed


I like Elite Academy because I learned new things I didn't know at my school.  It helped me learn what to expect for the SHSAT exam and I would definitely refer my classmates as they might learn something new here.

- Nathan Gozar 


I learned many new skills and strategies for math and E.L.A. so I feel I'm well prepared.  I would refer Elite Academy to my friends because it really helped me be prepared and improve.

Shanu Mathew


I like the fact that I learn and get smarter and smarter.  I would refer my friends to Elite Academy because I would want them to get smarter and in school to go to a higher level.

- Rose Fattakhova


I would refer Elite Academy to my friends as it is filled with learning and of course, fun!

- Alice Huang


What I like most about Elite Academy are the classes.  I would refer Elite Academy because it's such a great place. 

- Daniel Glus


It helped me prepare for Hunter by teaching me how to establish my own voice.

- Benjamin Xu


What I like about Elite Academy is how teachers get along with the students and make sure the students understand.  I think Elite Academy is a great school and a great place to meet new people (especially people going to your school).  Elite Academy has helped me a lot, and even if I didn't get the best grades while I was there, I've still learned something new which helps me get ahead at school.

- Luz Lim


UntitledI think my reading and writing improved.  I would refer my friends to Elite Academy because it teaches you a lot and everyone is really friendly.

- Adam McKoy

Elite Academy has helped me prepare for my math exam.  My math classes really gave me a push to do math and learn it and get a good grade.  I would recommend Elite      Academy to my friends because it helps you excel and score higher.

 - Jessica Balaram


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