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I enjoy the interaction with the students and the effort the majority of the students put into work.  I like learning about their different backgrounds and understanding America's cultural changes through their beliefs and ways.

- Benny Suh

I feel that I'm actually teaching at Elite.  The students are wonderful and extremely ambitious.  Also, I enjoy the support from our supervisors. asfasdfasf

- Cynthia Cameron

I enjoy the motivated students and relaxed, friendly environment at Elite Academy.

- Caroline Kim


I have recently graduated MIT, and currently teaching at Elite part-time.  A few years ago, I was in the seats of my students, and looking back, I am compelled to speak out my appreciation for this school.


I have been to a variety of "Asian preparatory/enrichment schools" in Flushing and Elmhurst.  However, I have continually returned to Elite Academy, and now giving back by teaching, not solely for the quality of the education, as the other schools also boast highly qualified teachers.


I returned multiple times during my junior high school and early high school career as a student and later on as a private tutor because I have been influenced by Elite's academic culture and fond of the ambitious academic mentality the school instills in students.


While most of the other schools also offer a great enrichment for the student's ensuing academic term, or exams; Elite goes the extra step of maintaining a rigorous work ethic -- they emphasize independence and academic responsibility for the long term.  Students learn to learn and excel.  In other words, intellectual curiosity is prioritized over simply lecturing students what they can learn in school.


Elite is especially beneficial to younger individuals looking to build a strong foundation in the maths, English and writing.  In short, Elite has the extra focus of teaching students how to learn, and not simply what to learn and creates the solid foundation on which the students will grow on.

- Eddie Lei

agasdfsI love teaching at Elite Academy because the class sizes are very small and I'm able to provide individual instruction to students along with small group instruction.  Everyone working at Elite Academy is very kind to students.

I enjoy teaching at Elite because I feel that I have helped enhance enrichment and academic success of these students.  The students who attend Elite are very motivated and eager to learn.

- Simi Minhas


I am actually TEACHING at Elite Academy and I have the most supportive employers and supervisors here.

- Doreen Chiu


I enjoy teaching Elite's motivated students who work hard and are focused and have many goals.  I also enjoy taking part in the nurturing atmosphere at Elite.

- Matthew Suhu


The staff at Elite Academy are friendly and organized.  Lesson materials are always ready.  The students are cooperative and respectful.

- Sara Liu


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