The 2017 Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) was held on October 21, 22 for all 8th graders and October 29th / November 4th for all 9th graders. Results were released March 2018.
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I've 17261 245355552730_6288249_nlearned so much in math and I also feel well prepared for the upcoming SHSAT.

- David Yang


I liked being able to learn and have fun at the same time.  Elite Academy helped me because I was able to see the format of the test before taking the real test.

- Linda Pak


I like the practice SHSAT tests and the classes.  The classes at Elite Academy helped me improve my English and Math skills and helped me to understand English and Math better than I did before.
- Bairavi Maheswaran


I like Elite Academy because it allows me to get ahead of my class in school.  Elite Academy helped improve my grades in school and prepared me for the SHSAT.

- Janet Lam

Teacher Appreciation PDF Print E-mail

I enjoy the interaction with the students and the effort the majority of the students put into work.  I like learning about their different backgrounds and understanding America's cultural changes through their beliefs and ways.

- Benny Suh

I feel that I'm actually teaching at Elite.  The students are wonderful and extremely ambitious.  Also, I enjoy the support from our supervisors. asfasdfasf

- Cynthia Cameron

I enjoy the motivated students and relaxed, friendly environment at Elite Academy.

- Caroline Kim


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